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An anxiety collection to create a relaxing routine for you. These items will help you to unwind & relax & hopefully become a regular part of your daily life to bring calm & mindfulness. Each set includes the following-

X3 mini Lavender & Moonflower wax melts

X3 mini Bergamot & Oud wax melts

X3 mini Rose & Geranium wax melts

X1 Rosebud bubble dust

X1 Sleepy Lavender bubble dust

X1 Rose Quartz Crystal

X1 Amethyst Crystal

X1 Crystal bracelet.

Select your fave scent to melt, run a bath with a bubble dust bag, place your crystals into the bath & relax for 30 minutes. Wear your crystal bracelet day/night to elevate your happiness & keep the good energy flowing. You can also place your crystals under your pillow each night to help with restful sleep. Each set will come with information on how to create your own relaxation routine.

Anxiety Wellbeing Set

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