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A unique selection box of mini wax melts, each scent has been selected to invigorate your senses & assist in rebalancing the mind body soul connections. Each chakra point in the body is like a mini swirling vortex of energy. Sometimes the energy can get stuck & blockages occur. These blockages create stagnant energy & effects the body both physically & mentally. These points it’s important to keep clear & running freely for the body to perform at its best. Use these wax melts when you want to spend some time to reset. They not only remind us that self care is important but maintaining that level of self awareness & listening to our bodies is equally important.

Each set comes with 5 mini melts & a chakra crystal bracelet to elevate your wellbeing.

Chakra points-

❤️ Root-Rose & Pink Pepper

🧡Sacral-Snapdragon & Patchouli

💛Solar Plexus-Lemon Sherbet


🩵Throat-Oud & Bergamot

💜Third Eye-Red Pear & Rosehip

🤍Crown-Rose Geranium

Chakra Wax Melt Collection

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