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Suitable for use on both hair & body these are great for travelling & holidays-no more leaking bottles in your luggage! Great for swimming & even better if you’re limiting your plastic usage at home. Lather up & enjoy!

Gemma has been busy working on our shower collection this week and has come up with these little beauties ❤️

These bars are not just great for washing your body in the shower but your hair too!!!!

Packed with Jojoba Oil can be used to restore dry, damaged, or lifeless hair. Jojoba oil gives moisture and gloss to the hair and can help prevent dandruff and dry, flaky scalp.

It’s time to say goodbye to plastic bottles and hello to a hair and body wash bar. A solid bar formulated with moisturising Glycerin, Aloe Vera, and gentle cleansers to clean and freshen the hair and body while restoring moisture, as well as conditioning elements found in baby shampoo and bath products .

Each bar will give you 50+ washes - just hold in your hand and ruffle through wet hair to give off a gentle lather and rinse out.

Hair Type: For all hair types

Sunrise Hair & Body Wash Bar

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